tekMountain is a 20,000-square-foot incubator and EdTech accelerator in Wilmington unlike anything in the area as far as look, vibe and amenities. 

It’s more like something you would expect in areas like the Triangle with more developed startup and tech communities—an open, modern space for tech companies with its own gym, food truck, garden and brewery. 
I recently chatted with Joe Finley, president of CastleBranch and a leader within tekMountain, to get a better idea of the vision of the facility and its mission to grow national-in-scale EdTech startups.

What is the vision for 2015? 

tekMountain plans to accelerate at least five EdTech companies this year, and to push their products out to the CastleBranch customer base. According to Joe, “The long-term vision is to become a trusted advisor for our clients by finding and vetting the best tech opportunities in the marketplace, to help strengthen and grow the tech community in Wilmington and to become an integral part of the EdTech community nationwide.”
As for tekMountain, the incubator? There’s room for up to 30 companies. Hopefully there’s enough tekMountain beer for that crowd too.