Here in Durham, Dan Ariely is a well-known behavioral psychology professor and founder of Duke University’s Center of Advanced Hindsight, along with its new startup lab.
But nationally, millions of people have read his books and “Ask Ariely” columns in the Wall Street Journal. Many anticipated the May release of his newest title, “Irrationally Yours”. Some will likely listen to his 45-minute interview last night on WUNC’s The State of Things, where he talked about the motivations that drive human behavior and answered questions like “How do I get my daughter to practice viola?” from local callers. 
But he’s also a hot commodity in Silicon Valley, having recently sold a venture-backed startup he co-founded in 2012 to Google.
That company, which built a time management app called Timeful, commissioned Durham filmmaker Saleem Reshamwala to come out to Silicon Valley and film each of the Timeful team members talking about their work and mutual fascination with time. It’s a pretty cool look at the psychology and connections behind team building. And their theories and statements about time, scheduling and calendars will make you want to download the app and follow the team’s progress as an entity within the search giant. 
It’s also compelling work by Reshamwala, who is known locally as a crowdfunding campaign video aficionado having filmed videos for the campaigns of Nugget Comfort, Cocoa Cinnamon, Beat Making Lab and most recently REID MILLER Apparel. LinkedIn and are also clients of his production company KidEthnic. 
Here’s the film: